Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The london bus

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Londoner in posession of an oyster card must be in want of a bus.

OK, so Jane Austen doesn't directly translate into TFL, but I have come to love and understand the true importance of the bus.

None of this fannying around with tube strikes, armpit sniffing and delays - the London bus is the old reliable.

With direct links from your front door to Oxford Circus,  your friend's dinner party or a late night take away, the red double-decker knows no bounds. 

Not only is it convenient,  but you get to see the light of day and interact with fellow commuters (by this I mean make a glance towards the driver rather than a ticket machine) - what could be more life affriming than that!?

There is also the opportunity to pretend you are driving the commuter vessel by sitting on the top deck. Here you have front row seats to traffic and cyclists' shenanigans. 

Be warned though that the bus has a different cliental to that of the underground. I have found myself next to an unwashed gentleman fondling inside his undergarments and not had the calousness to oust my seat and move away (more likely I was overcome with the Britishness of ignoring unpleasantries and staying put).

Be sure that you will experience London to its full potential in a red london bus more than an underground shuttle.

Take heed, take the bus.

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