Monday, October 7, 2013

Josh Widdicombe and Seann Walsh at the Hammersmith Apollo

Two weeks ago I made my first trip to the Hammersmith Apollo expecting to roll on the floor crying with laughter and gasping for air. Safe to say Josh Widdicombe and Seann Walsh did not make my dreams of oxygen deficiency through giggling come true. Both acts were recording their performances for a DVD after touring the UK to apparently 'sold out' venues.

First up was Seann Walsh, a 26-year-old from Brighton, who has established himself as an emerging artist on the comedy circuit and has appeared on TV in the usual shows Mock the Week, Celebrity Juice and 8 out of 10 Cats.

His performance touched on the mundane views of a cosmopolitan life: troubles with using iphones, being drunk, and being hungover. There was a good sketch about the awkward moment you are in a park and and someone's football goes astray and you have to return it. Do you kick? No you throw it. And then it lands 2 feet from where you are standing so you have to awkwardly pick it up and pass it to the youths that are watching and waiting. This material could have provide a hilarious few minutes. A moment that most people can identify with.

However, Walsh plays it out in slow motion. The first few moments has me giggling as I try to guess what's happening. However, 10 minutes in, he is still slow motion walking across the stage, everyone has clapped and is now slightly bored of him picking up the football for the third time. He uses this technique later and again it drags on. Similarly, he uses long pauses - I don't know if they were for laughter or to think of the next joke - which only slowed the pace down even more. This was a shame as he gathered momentum in a few of the funnier jokes only to lose the audience again.

Josh Widdicombe and Seann Walsh

By the time Josh Widdicombe appeared, I have to say, I had been doing a bit of clock watching.

Widdicombe touches on similar aspects of London living: troubles with using iphones, being drunk, and being hungover. He delivers on these more expertly, picking up the pace and linking up jokes where you least expect (unlike Walsh where you predict the joke before it has been said). Although, finely tuned, his act still didn't excite me, there was nothing naughty to giggle at or nor anything hilariously familiar to whisper to your friends 'I do that!'

But maybe that's because I don't have an iphone, I wasn't drunk and I wasn't hungover.... 

Where: Hammersmith Apollo
Price: Free through a special offer by Eventim
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