Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Say no to Bar Soho

So LGC strikes again. Although, this time many of the members of London Girls' Club couldn't make it, so the four of us that could go decided that we should have a two-strike rule; if you fail to appear two times in a row - you're out.

The others don't know this yet. Well, if you want to make an exclusive cocktail group you have to be ruthless, even if the club consists of your best friends....

Anyway, back to the venue. We chose Bar Soho for our sophisticated, classy and chilled night out with the girls. I can tell you now - sophisticated, classy and chilled out are not three words I would ever use to describe Bar Soho.

When I arrived, I actually realised that I had been here before; a year or so ago I had arrived slightly tipsy* at the end of a date. And that is all the place is good for; a dance at the end of the night when you should have been in bed an hour ago and you won't remember what music was playing or what the place looked like.

The website sends out a message of 'edgy cocktail bar'. However, we arrived at our reserved table (the sign was a nice touch) and could barely hear each other talk over the loud pop music. I fear that I may be sounding like an old woman, but I did go there to actually speak to my friends. However, booze was cheap and happy hour was on until 8. We stuck to red wine and between the four of us it was about £4 for a few glasses (it was 50% off for a bottle of wine if you reserved a table).

Rachel enjoying the sophisticated ambience 

After a couple of hours shouting at each other across the table, it was our cue to leave when the chairs were pushed to the side to form a dance floor and some drinking society had started shuffling to the music. This was compounded by the fact that some drunk Italian student was trying to chat us up demanding we show him pictures of our boyfriends, which we had vehemently decided we had. Whether all of us actually did or not is not the point - it was the "it is girls' night" code and "please-piss-off" hint that we wanted to send out. Plus, it was a Wednesday night, and called me old fashioned but I didn't want to get roaring drunk half way through the week.

We left feeling somewhat cheated by what the place had advertised themselves to be, but by that point I was tipsy again and needed to find a place to dance to music that I wouldn't be able to remember in the morning...

*Incoherently drunk

Where: Soho
Price: Cheap as chips. Happy hour 5pm-8pm everyday. Cocktails £4 at happy hour.
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