Monday, August 26, 2013

Drink, Shop, Don’t Mind if I Do

The LGC is back and this time we have gone for the unconventional activity of building Lego. Drink, Shop, Do is located near King’s Cross St Pancras and looks rather unremarkable from its small exterior.

Once over the threshold, I was greeted by friendly staff and an array of bright, colourful and cheekily offensive tea towels and knick-knacks that are available to buy. I was shown to our table and, as I was the first to arrive, had a few minutes to take in the cafe-come-cocktail bar-come-nightclub.  The dome ceiling was beautifully decorated with origami birds and art work, with a giant spider peeking in from the outside. Everything that you can see and touch is up for sale, which made me take a second look at every item and think how it might fit in with my decor at home.

I was shortly joined by the rest of the crew and we settled down for the night’s events. We were told that we were to make a robot out of a big pile of Lego that was chucked down onto the table – it needed a name and a special power. 

Once we had purchased our big, icy delicious cocktails, we started building ‘Cockbot’. Before you pass judgment, Cockbot was a cocktail-making machine with buttons and wheels that churned out the most delicious cocktails by reading the mind of the client. Safe to say, this idea was not deemed arty or adventurous enough, and we were not even shortlisted for the prize (free cocktails for the group).

Me and the Cockbot

It was a great evening out, although getting there at 7 and waiting for the judges to decide on the winner at 10 was a tad too long when you are hungry and can’t really afford 3 hours of cocktails.

I might visit sometime soon, maybe for knicker embroidery or the Beyonce dance night or even to recreate Cockbot into something more trophy worthy.

Where: King’s Cross St Pancras
Price: Approx £9 a cocktail
More info:


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